Traveling: Part 1

Whenever people talk about traveling my gut instinct is to brush it off as middle-class extravagance and I just want to make it very clear that this is not that. I worked a silly number of hours at a shitty retail job to make it happen (and I still went into my overdraft lol). I’ve had a few people assume I was from London recently and I feel like I have to make my working class background very clear.

A few years ago, after a breakup from my first-ever long term relationship, I went traveling on my own. I ended the trip in Cologne and stayed at an Airbnb with some friends so we could go to Gamescom. I can’t really remember anything special about Gamescom itself, except from briefly meeting the American Truck Simulator devs. They asked if I could name every expansion to Euro Truck Simulator 2 in exchange for a t-shirt and… I’ve still got that t-shirt to this day. My friends and I got drunk on cheap white wine and pulled an all-nighter on the night before our flight.

November 21, 2023