Hello! šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Eryk.

Iā€™m a pierogi-core Polish grafik dezajner creativ producer obsessed with paper and the old-school internet.

Recently, I:

Get in touch if you want to chat about organising your workplace.

āœŠ started a job as a union organiser at the Game Workers branch of the IWGB.

Sidekick is now in the hands of over 1,000 videogame developers in the UK!

šŸ§  designed Sidekick: a mental health journal for the games industry, created in collaboration with Safe In Our World.

Come say hi at your local games convention!

šŸ“š started Peregrine Coast Press, a publishing co-operative specialising in TTRPGs, books, and magazines.

Quickplay version coming soon!

šŸŽ² raised over Ā£16,000 for Milk Bar, my sci-fi old-school roleplaying game set in a post-Soviet Poland.