Creative Producer

Eryk Sawicki

Hello! 👋
I run Peregrine Coast Press, a small publisher of TTRPGs and arts. I can handle layout, art direction, project management, marketing, and distribution of your work.

Filmmakers Without Cameras: Issues 1-3
a film and games magazine made by people who like other things, too.
Transmission For Them
a solo journaling game about lovers lost in space.
Unexplained Scotland
a mixtape of 20 weird and occult tales from Scotland
Beyond the Moment
a philosophy master's dissertation.
UKGovcamp 2022
a booklet for UKGovcamp, a public sector unconference.
MÖRK BORG supplementsLunar Echos
a full body hack of Jay Dragon's Wanderhome

Failures of the World, Unite!
Featured in Lock-on 002 gaming journal, 2021.
Adapted from my 1.1 MA Dissertation
The Male Domain, Masculinity, and Kentucky Route ZeroStorytelling in videogames as compared to film