Hello! 👋 I’m Eryk.

I’m a pierogi-core Polish grafik dezajner graphic designer obsessed with paper and the old-school internet.

Recently, I:

Sidekick is now in the hands of over 1,000 videogame developers in the UK!

🧠 designed Sidekick: a mental health journal for the games industry, created in collaboration with Safe In Our World.

PCP is now one of the main importers of independent TTRPGS into the UK and EU. Come say hi at your local games convention!

📚 started Peregrine Coast Press, a publishing co-operative specialising in TTRPGs, books, and magazines.

I’ll be at Edinburgh Napier in February to chat to the Publishing MA students there about non-traditional routes into the industry.

📢 gave a talk at Magazine Street about embracing the old-school internet and building an audience without relying on privately-owned social media platforms.