Work Experience

June 2023 - Present

Operations Manager, SoulMuppet Publishing

  • Built a versatile Shopify process to use the SoulMuppet store as a pledge manager” which integrates with warehouses in the UK and US, allowing SoulMuppet to upsell relevant products to backers from crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter
  • Managed the customer service function, interacting with customers both over Hubspot and in person at conventions
  • Grew the wholesale function to get SoulMuppet books into hobby shops both in the UK and internationally

August 2020 - Present

Project Lead and Designer, Peregrine Coast Press

  • Led the product development process on 6 crowdfunding projects, including market research, scoping, and art direction
  • Managed e-commerce operations via Shopify, including stock management, international fulfilment, buying, and customer support

June 2022 - June 2023

Customer Support Agent, Cuckoo Broadband

  • Streamlined customer operations processes, including management escalations, vulnerable customers, and technical procedures
  • Designed and delivered Tone of Voice training and workshops for frontline staff
  • Provided expert technical support to resolve connectivity issues for customers
  • Collaborated with infrastructure providers like Openreach to facilitate appointments and troubleshoot network problems

September 2018 - March 2022

Quality Assessor, Monzo Bank

  • Ensured Monzo customer support meets an award-winning standard of service by giving actionable feedback on tone of voice, method, and efficiency

  • Managed communication between stakeholders in multiple teams to write and edit saved responses which see daily use in the work of Monzo’s front-line, in-app chat, and employ Monzo’s clear, concise, and personable tone of voice

  • Proposed and managed a tooling update to reduce mental load and workload of Quality Assessors by automating a manual note-taking process

  • Interacted with customers over Monzo’s entire gamut of tooling: Intercom, Conversocial, Front, and BizOps, the in-house chat software

  • Greatly enjoyed solving customer problems across domains of Payments, Financial Crime, and Disputes during a time when the customer base was growing rapidly

  • Hosted community building events throughout the North


September 2020 - September 2021

New Media MA, University of Leeds

  • Modules: Digital Practices, Videogames and Society, Journalism Practice and Research
  • Digital Practices learnings: basics of HTML and CSS, data scraping, data cleanup, and data analysis. Theories of digital identity-making, ethics of platform capitalism, algorithms, and data collection
  • Videogames and Society learnings: sociological theories relating to identity-making, dystopia, queer game studies, and moral panics
  • Dissertation: Disco Elysium and The Queer Art of Failure: exploring theories of failure and identity-making through video games

May 2015 - September 2018

Filmmaking BA, Northern Film School

  • Specialised in Producing and Cinematography
  • Fundraised over £1,500 for my graduation film, which I produced and wrote
  • Won awards at the Leeds International Film Festival, and been screened in festivals in the UK and internationally